Who Owns What?

Your Water Service System - Who Owns What

Much of the equipment used to provide water is located beneath the ground, and it can be difficult for customers to determine what is their responsibility versus our responsibility. The following diagram shows a typical household water system. You own items A-E and are responsible for keeping them in good repair. The remaining items are owned by Torrington Water Company and we are responsible for their maintenance and repair.

You, the customer, are responsible for items A-E in the diagram (except for the water meter itself). If you have a problem with those items, please contact your plumber. Torrington Water Company is responsible for items F-K in the diagram - if you need service on our equipment  please call our office at 1-860-489-4149 to schedule a service appointment.

Customer Service line, the portion of pipe from the curb valve, located at or near your property line, into your home or business.

  1. Curb box and the curb valve cover are usually at grade level, visible by a round plate about 3 inches in diameter which allows access to the curb valve.
  2. Outside meter pit and cover, if your meter is located outside in an underground vault. The pit is a cylindrical ceramic casing. The metal cover is about the size of a dinner plate.
  3. Main valve, also known as the cellar valve or house valve, located inside your premises at the service line’s point of entry (normally before the meter).
  4. Pressure-reducing valve (PRV), owned installed and maintained by the customer, an optional device which regulates the pressure of water entering the premises, is usually located on your plumbing near the water meter or hot water heater.
  5. Water main, water distribution main in street and is owned and maintained by Torrington Water.  
  6. Company Service line, this service line extends from the water main to the curb valve.
  7. Tap, the point at which the service connection pipe is connected to the water main.
  8. Curb stop, located underground at your property line. The curb stop is a valve that connects the service connection to your service line and operates as a shut-off valve.
  9. Water meter, a mechanical device that is used to measure water consumption at the customer’s property. Although the meter is owned by the company, the customer is responsible for making it accessible and assuring that it is protected from damage, including that caused by freezing.
  10. Remote register, a device that allows us to read the meter in your basement without needing to enter your home or business.